OMNITRONIC NCH-1000 Stereo headphones


Oggetto nuovo venduto con fattura e garanzia italiana.

Stereo headphones with active noise canceling function

Closed, dynamic, ear-enclosing stereo headphones
Switchable active noise canceling function for the best possible attenuation of ambient noise (>65 %) and an enhanced audio entertainment
Perfectly suited for use on planes, trains and all mobile music sources such as MP3 players
Operates as passive headphones when noise canceling circuit is not activated
35 mm driver for punchy bass range
Comfortable fit due to soft ear pads
Optimal wearer-comfort due to single cable connection (L)
Space-saving design with collapsible ear-pieces
Adjustable headband
Volume can be adjusted directly on the headphones
Power supply via 2x 1.5 V batteries (type AAA)
Supplied complete with 6.3 mm stereo jack adapter and 3.5 mm double mono jack adapter for in-flight entertainment and batteries
Incl. high-quality transport case with zipper

Transducer type:Dynamic
Frequency range:30-20,000 Hz
Impedance:32 ohms
Power output:100 mW
Noise attenuation:max. 20 dB