OMNITRONIC WHP-600 Wireless UHF headphone


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Enjoy your music without cables

Closed-air, dynamic stereo-headphones
No ceiling and no wall distorts the radio transmission
Connects to any audio, video, TV set PC, or notebook computer with headphones or line output
Operation with 3 channels in the low-interference UHF-band
No approval by local telecom authorities required
Auto Tune function headphones automatically tune to the transmitter frequency
With LED-display for power supply and signal input
On/Off-switch, volume and frequency control for fine adjustment integrated in the headphones
With external transformer
Operation range 100 meters (free field)
Only 100 g weight for optimum wearer-comfort
Automatic harness adjustment
Wide frequency range for well-balanced sound
Large ear-pieces for screening undesired noise
Distortion-free playback also at high volumes
For 2 x 1.5 V Micro batteries (type AAA)
Delivery includes transmitter, headphones, connecting cable with 3.5 mm mini jacks and RCA/mini jack adaptor

Modulation system:Stereo FM
Carrier frequency band:UHF 864 MHz
Selectable carrier frequencies:CH1: 863.500 MHz
CH2:864.000 MHz
CH3:864.500 MHz
Coverage:100 m (with line-of-sight)
Frequency range:30 Hz - 20 kHz
T.H.D.:75 dB
Selectivity:>35 dB
Power supply:12 V DC, 150 mA via included power unit
Power consumption:4 W
RF power output: