EUROLITE AVLD-1 CAT-5 extender


The EUROLITE AVLD-1 is a passive CAT-5 extender which allows transmission of composite video and stereo audio signals over a single network cable (UTP/CAT-5 and higher) in a point-to-point connection. Its compact design and easy installation makes the extender ideal for corporate education and home cinema use or any other situation requiring AV distribution. For audio signals a maximum distance of 600 meters is possible for video signals a maximum of 300 meters.

Passive CAT-5 extender for audio and video signals

  • Transmits audio signals up to 600 meters and video signals up to 300 meters
  • For universal applications as a transmitter or receiver
  • For unshielded twisted pair cables and CAT-5 or higher network cables
  • Cable connection via RJ45 terminal
  • Passive no power supply required

Suitable transmission cable:twisted pair cable e.g. CAT-5/5e/6 0.25 mm² (AWG 24)
Impedance:100 ohms/ 1 MHz
Max. capacitance:200 pF/ft
Max. cable length:600 m for audio signals 300 m for video signals
Audio impedance:600 ohms RCA
Video impedance:75 ohms RCA/75 ohms BNC
Connections:1 x stereo audio RCA
  2 x video RCA/BNC
Operating temperature:0 to 55 °C
Power supply:not required
Dimensions (LxWxH):93 x 83 x 31 mm
Weight:20 g