Network Device NAT & NAP

IR extension for OMNITRONIC LUB-27Extends the range of the remote control of the OMNITRONIC LUB-27Self-adhesive tape for attaching to any dry and clean surface3.5 mm jack plug (1/8"")" ..
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Y-cable for OMNITRONIC LUB-27Accessory for parallel connection of two OMNITRONIC LUB-27 ..
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Speaker/amplifier switch box with IR remote control7-channel switch box for speaker pairs or amplifiersIdeal for showrooms for comparing the performance of different speakers or amplifiersOperating mode 1: switching over on 7 speaker pairs to 2 stereo amplifiers with A/B selectionOperating mode 2: switching over on 7 stereo amplifiers to 2 speaker pairs with A/B selectionMulti-zone function also allows for freely combining the 7 speaker pairs in ..
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