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CE22 STEREO ENHANCER/EXCITER The CE22 is a professional multi-band enhancer/exciter designed for various applications. This unit combines 2 processors to align the phase and focus of bass frequencies, improve the response of mid-high frequencies and add harmonic content to any dull sounding audio. The surround processor utilises the phase alignment engine to give a greater perceived width to the stereo field.Dual/stereo multi-band processorProces..
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Threshold, ratio and output level control per channelVariable gate with threshold control per channelBypass switch allows instant comparison of original sound with processed soundPrecise 4-digit LED gain reduction meters+4 dB/-10 dB selector switch for internal level adjustmentInputs and outputs via balanced XLR connectors and 6.3 mm jacks Rack installation, 1 UPower supply:230 V AC, 50 HzPower consumption:20 WAudio inputs/outputs: XLR and 6.3 ..
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Guard system for limiting the sound pressure level Tamper-proof 2-channel sound level limiter with measurement microphone to meet legal noise regulations e.g. in discothequesFor insertion between mixer and PA amplifier(s)Guards the speaker level and gradually attenuates the output signal to the preset maximum SPL muting can be switched on3 operating modes can be selected: limiter with muting after 60 seconds muting after 60 seconds limiter Thresh..
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Calibrator for sound level meters Matching calibrator for SLM-500 and SLM-700Quickly adjust and test the accuracy of sound level metersSuitable for microphones with a Ø of 12.7 mm (1/2"") and 2.54 mm (1"")Operation via 9 V block battery or power unit (included)Incl. padded leatherette bagOutput level:114 dB/94 dB switchable Output frequency:1 kHz sine Accuracy:± 0.3 dB (114 dB) ± 0.5 dB (94 dB) Reference conditions:20° C 760 mm Hg Temperature..
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