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EUROLITE VLS-700RGB 30k Showlaser
RGB high-power laserLaser with the classification 4Red green blue color-mixtureOperation: ILDA DMX512 auto sound-activeEffects: layers grids tunnels waves writing graphics animationLaser diode: 650 nm red 532 nm green 450 nm blueFor DMX-operation on the rear panel: X and Y size adjustmentLaser safety by integrated scan control interlock with mechanic shutter key switch for locking startupDelivery in flightcaseRead user manual before use. Laser in..
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Laser with the classification 4Modulation: analog for more brilliant color changesRGB color mixtureILDA interfaceEffects: layers, grids, tunnels, waves, writing, graphics, animation via optional laser softwareAdjustment on the rear panel: X and Y size adjustment, inverting, RGB settingLaser safety by integrated scan control, interlock with mechanic shutter, key switch for locking startupMultizone safety areas can be defined via USB (software incl..
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