Stagetape Marking tape BOPPred/colore bianco

Stagetape Marking tape BOPPred/colore bianco
Stagetape Marking tape BOPPred/colore bianco
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Oggetto nuovo venduto con fattura e garanzia italiana.

Reasonable marking solution

Priceworthy alternative to the brand names
Packing and marking tape for the little pocket
Made of PP-film
This adhesive tape is excellent for tear resistance and environmentally friendly
Perfect for outdour use - UV -light allows biodegradable Optimal für den Außenbereich benutzbar, da rückstandsfreies Verroten durch hohe Empfindlichkeit gegenüber UV-Strahlen
Perfect to mark separated zones
Bright colours

Carrier:BOPP-coated material
Total thickness:0.070 mm
Tear resistancy:52 N/25 mm
Elasticity:100 %
Holding power:24 hours (23°, 25mm², 1 kg)
Storage life:6 months
Adhesive strength on steel:6.5 N/25 mm
Temperature resistance:-5° to 90°, short-term -15° to 100° C
Core diameter:76 mm
Length:33 m
Width:50 mm

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